Heimer and Kuoko swipe right for their hyperpop song “VR Crush”

Heimer and Kuoko‘s collaborative track “VR Crush” is out March 8.

Frankfurt-via-Berlin electronic producer Heimer and singer-songwriter Kuoko have linked up for “VR Crush”, a new hyper-pop song which explores the futuristic concept of virtual reality. In our millennial world, we spend too much time on applications where we post, share, like and even lurk to stimulate our brain’s reward center. Incredibly polished and extremely processed, their new track is all about the artifical excitment one gets when they hear or see a new notification on their phone. The gleaming track, which could have been released on PC Music, Palettes or any NXC soundcloud channel, comes with a stunning 3d animation video, directed by Kuoko herself and conceptualized by Ksti Hu. Watch the video below and get an extra shot of dopamine for free with their virtual experience.

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