Henry Hall shares ethereal and harmony-driven “Missing Out on Purpose”

Henry Hall‘s self-released new song “Missing Out on Purpose” is out now.

Back in 2016, Henry Hall released one of our favourite EPs with My Friend Don’t Like Me. The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter has now shared another poignant and ethereal dose of anxiety pop in the form of vocal harmony-driven “Missing Out on Purpose”. An introspective Grizzly Bear-esque offering where he once again finds the right words and describes relatable situations. This new track also comes with an amazing Miriam Cortez-Cáceres-animated video and a statement from Henry Hall.

Over 1,000 unique, hand-drawn frames and 1 mastered track later, I am so extremely excited to finally share my song “Missing Out on Purpose” and its breathtaking, moving, and inspired music video by the visionary Miriam Cortez. “Thank you” doesn’t even come close to doing justice to the amount of gratitude that I have for Miriam and the months that she committed to this work. She lifts this song to another level with the raw, emotive power of her stop-motion in this video. I feel beyond lucky to have collaborated with her. Of all the songs I’ve ever released, this song is the most direct expression of my emotional makeup and self-comprehension, so I hope that comes across when you hear it and when you watch this masterful and organic music video. Thank you for listening and watching!

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