Hercules & Love Affair are back on the dancefloor with Rouge Mary-assisted single ‘Rejoice’

Ghent-based artist Andy Butler is about to release a new album with his music project Hercules & Love Affair. Taken from this new LP ‘Omnion’, here is Rouge Mary-assisted new single ‘Rejoice’.

‘Rejoice’ follows up to the previously released singles ‘Controller‘, ‘Omnion‘, and ‘Fools Wear Crowns’ where Butler was singing about his problems of addiction. On this new single, Hercules & Love Affair are back on the dancefloor with some acid and industrial disco vibes. The track features one of their regular collaborators: Rouge Mary.

Rouge Mary gave some details about the creative process of this Hercules & Love Affair‘s new single:

The lyrics to “Rejoice” were written in a day. It’s so obvious when you look around, that we all have so many reasons to be sad and we are so used to complaining about sticky situations. So much that we forget the ancient secret. “Rejoice” highlights the importance of gratitude and the power of positive thoughts. “Smile though your heart is aching,” Charlie Chaplin once said. I interpret it in a very powerful way, with a belting voice to symbolize the urgency of the message. I feel this song is like a solution to face problems of all kind. Could it be coffee for the ears? I don’t know, but for sure, it truly is an ode to positivity.

Andy Butler also added:

As with this entire record “Rejoice” was born out of taking detours from a traditional “vocal house” record- I picked up the tempo and stumbled onto a bass line that evoked my favorite early industrial tracks from front 242 or cabaret Voltaire- the stomp is one of exuberance and was begging for “vamping” or “riffing” from a singer- something Rouge Mary is great at- the exuberance just pointed to me to the word “Rejoice” so I asked her to bring that message to the song. It’s a message she brings every day to her life so it was exciting to watch her one again share “the keys to the kingdom”!

Listen to Hercules & Love Affair‘s ‘Rejoice’ below and connect with the band via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. ‘Omnion’ will be released on September 1 via Big Beat Records.

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