Dance your solitude away with HOCKEYSMITH’s extatic “Lonely Loving Me”

“Lonely Loving Me” is the lead single from Hockeysmith‘s upcoming EP Tears At My Age due out January 25 on Ex-Local.

Formerly known as the duo comprising Cornish sisters Annabel and Georgia Hockeysmith, Hockeysmith has now become the solo moniker of Annie. With her new lo-fi pop dance tune “Lonely Loving Me”, the Aphex Twin-approved artist draws as much from the UK rave and post-dubstep culture than from the elusive dream-pop of Cocteau Twins. The kaleidoscopic song, that she ‘wrote in a cabin in Cornwall one winter after listening to tons and tons of Kylie‘, brings some ghostly feelings in the club where you can just dance your loneliness away.

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