Hrím debut with majestic and intense single “Ástarnetið”

Hrím‘s debut track “Ástarnetið” is out now.

Hrím is a new trio comprising Icelandic folk singer Ösp, Japanese-Egyptian modular synthesist and coder Cherif and singer and producer Anil Sebastian. In Icelandic, Hrím is hoarfrost or rime. In Hindi, Hrím is a mantra of magical force, captivation and empowerment. Knowing all of that, we can affirm that their moniker was undoubtedly a good pick to describe their music

Together, they craft songs, or shall we call them atmospheres, that recall Sigúr Ros, Olafúr Arnalds and the breathtaking landscapes of the island of ice and fire. Intense and haunting, their debut offering, “Ástarnetið”, is almost like a surreal experience, combining organic electronic arrangements with neo-classical and neo-choral influences. There is no hazard: Sebastian is actually one of the co-founders and directors of the London Contemporary Voices choir. Ösp‘s voice is utterly amazing and idiosyncratically Nordic. It is cold and shattering. It evokes the aurora borealis, the geysers and the vulcanos, oscillating between strength, majestic beauty and vulnerability. Listen below.

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