Hudson Mohawke & Anthony – Indian Steps

A few times after the technological and urban visuals of “System“, Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke just released a beautiful and intimate video for “Indian Steps”, a track from his last album which features the inimitable voice of Antony Hegarty.

The video was directed by Daniel Sannwald and is a beautiful exploration of the landscapes of two elderly bodies. The visuals fit perfectly the emotional track and the German director said about it: “It was very touching and moving to see two aging bodies in such an intimate way. I wanted to use them as a symbol of time but also to capture the beauty of such vulnerability.”

“Indian Steps” is featured on “Lantern”, the second album of Hudson Mohawke that we reviewed earlier this year.

By the way, Antony is currently on all fronts as he just released “4 degrees” under the nickname of ANOHNI and it was produced by Oneohtrix Point Never and… Hudson Mohawke!

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