Hyper-pop producer BUBBLES shares debut “Pure Delight EP”

Australian producer BUBBLES shares her 4-track EP “Pure Delight” via internet label Palettes.

Hailing from Sydney but now relocated to London, BUBBLES has studied pop music at Goldsmith’s College. She discovered there a community of hyper-pop artists that gave her the motivation and the inspiration to start producing her own tracks. If you’re not familiar with Hyper-Pop, think PC Music meets K-Pop and bass music. This ultra-positive and fun vibes can notably be heard in Charli XCX‘s latest releases. Nevertheless, the main part of this music trend can be found online via labels like Palettes. It’s on this famous online label that BUBBLES has just shared her 4-track debut EP “Pure Delight” which notably features the amazing “Wii Sport” which was made with sounds from the famous Nintendo console.

About “Pure Delight” EP, BUBBLES described it as “Cardi B in the MotorSport video, lying on a vermillion chenille sun chair by the beach in Ibiza with a mojito, then you quick pan dive into the water and it’s Finding Nemo but all of the fish are replaced with Nintendo Miis.” You can also listen the track “Sex On The Beach” below.

BUBBLES new EP “Pure Delight” is now available on all your streaming platforms via Palettes.

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