Illuminati hotties shares touching and sad “Cuff” video

“Cuff” is taken from illuminati hotties‘ debut album “Kiss Yr Frenemies” out on Tiny Engines.

Earlier this year, we discovered illuminati hotties, the music project of Sarah Tudzin. Although we did not write any posts about it at that time, two of the tracks from the album – “Declutter” and “For Cheez (My Friend, Not The Food)” – landed in our “Best Tracks of 2018” playlist. The artist has now shared the visuals for “Cuff”, another highlight of the LP. In the metaphorical Sam Lane animated video, a fish desperately tries to fly like a bird. The rendition is very touching but when transposed to human beings, this little parable becomes particularly sad. The good thing is that you can’t see a fish crying. Watch it below.

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