ionnalee shares new video for “GONE”, announced full album for 2018

Swedish multi-talented artist ionnalee shared a new single and video, “Gone”, and announced the release of her forthcoming self-produced album for early 2018.

ionnalee, also known as a part of iamamiwhoami, released a few singles under this new moniker throughout 2017 and it’s actually no surprise that her lastest one, “Gone”, also comes with the announcement of a full album. In a long Facebook post, the artist explains that this upcoming project explores our generation’s fear of oblivion. Here is a snippet of her explanation:

‘EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN’ evokes thoughts about what drives an artist to create in a milieu brimful with people fighting to be seen and heard and to express themselves in ways that would single them out from others. With its eyes fixed firmly on the state of the world right now, this is a collection that concerns itself with what is the artist’s residual footprint, paralleled with people’s fear of oblivion. As our generation pores over and pours into social media with a desire to leave as much of ourselves and our legacy out in the world – like a self-edited epitaph, to ensure that we are remembered and control how such remembrance is preserved – EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN explores the different fears and struggles we, as human beings, contend with.

Watch the video of “GONE”, that ionnalee co-directed with John Strandh, below.

“GONE” is taken from ionnalee‘s forthcoming self-produced album “EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN” which be released on February 16, 2018 on her label To whom it may concern.

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