Islet share unclassifiable and indomitable synth pop cut “Clouds”

Islet‘s “Clouds” is out via Fire Records.

Formed as a foursome in Cardiff in 2009, Islet are now back as a trio and you can be sure that they did not lose an ounce of their creativity. Indeed, their brand new track, aptly named “Clouds”, navigates freely between atmospheric electronic, dream pop and vibrant psychedelia, to keep it simple. Driven y Emma Daman Thomas‘s vocals, which sound here like a self-convincing mantra, the pulsating song relies on hypnotic synth lines and unpredictable hooks reminiscent of Animal Collective. “Clouds was born in a heavy pregnant daydream and was finished in a full pelt headlong headrush. It’s a song about how I learnt patience,” she explains.

Islet will be playing a few gigs in May. Check the dates there and listen to “Clouds” below.


3 May Radnorshire Ales Microbrewery

4 May Machynlleth Comedy Festival

17 May Focus Wales, Wrexham

25 May Cardiff Psych and Noise Fest

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