Japanese duo THE THEORY FOR OUR REVENGE debut with thrilling “OBORO”

THE THEORY FOR OUR REVENGE‘s self-released debut track “OBORO” is out now.

Comprising visual artist and singer-songwriter-producer Jhas and COLD FAITH, THE THEORY FOR OUR REVENGE is a new duo hailing from the hyperactive city of Tokyo. Nocturnal and melancholic, their debut single “OBORO” is a an intricate piece of electronica that is actually reminescent of some Björk‘s tracks on her masterpiece album Homogenic. “OBORO” comes with cryptic and intriguing lyrics such as “The broken mirror and my bloodstained fist. The flow of my blood melts into soil.” According to the artists, “Oboro” expresses “Japonism, Midnight Tokyo, violence and the delicacy hidden within ourselves”. A dark and thrilling atmosphere that you can definitely feel while listening to the track. Tune in below.

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