Joviale revisits the myth of Narcissus with “Taste of the Heavens”

“Taste of the Heavens” is taken from Joviale‘s debut EP, Crisis, out September 6 on Blue Flowers.

If you don’t know Joviale yet, please be sure to add her immediately to your radar. After having cut her teeth on London’s live circuit, the artist met Bullion, the experimental pop producer who worked for the likes of David Byrne, Paul Epworth, Westerman and Sampha amongst others. Together, they recorded her debut EP, Crisis, in which she explores tension, space, and indie and soul instrumentations. During the recording process, Joviale Tshabola was also collecting various fabrics and materials, cutouts from fashion editorials and religious imagery, creating a patchwork of “soundscapes and treasures from different cultures”. “It’s my method of weathering a crisis,” she explains.

On her new single, “Taste of the Heavens”, Joviale draws inspiration from Greek mythology, focusing on the myth of Narcissus in particular. In her own words:

It’s easy to get trapped in someone else’s projection of themselves based on what you’re looking for or think you want and deserve. That feeling of obsessional focus becomes what you become dependent on, like whatever substance one needs to function be it: asocial/professional situation or your morning routine. It’s easy to become so overtaken by certain habits you don’t realise they exist…until you relieve yourself from them.

Watch the accompanying video below. It was directed by Angelique De Raffaele, Helena Banerjee and Joviale herself.

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