Julia Holter – Everytime Boots


In discreet ways and with a lot of refinement, Julia Holter keeps on promoting her last album “Have You In My Wilderness”, that was released in 2015 via Domino Records. Her label recently published on YouTube the official audio of another track of her album: “Everytime Boots”. We really hope this excellent one will also get the single treatment.

After the excellent “Feel You”, “See Calls Me Home” and “Silhouette” (2 of these tracks made it in our Top Songs of 2015), it was difficult to release something with such a quality. But nothing is impossible for the American artist and “Everytime Boots” is one of the highlights of the album, a secret weapon that is also the song with the highest tempo of the album. Indeed, this is a special song on the album with a certain country and music-hall spirit.

“Oh, everytime I do put on boots
I feel the charge as a good thing to run to
But I only hear the rattlesnake winds
They blow dust and I’m helpless to fight back”

Now, let’s just hope there will be a video.

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