JVLY teases sophomore EP with nocturnal new track “Tacenda”

JVLY‘s “Tacenda” is out on Mammal Sounds Records.

Australian producer Kayle Butler, better known as JVLY, is readying the release of his sophomore EP and we can now hear the first single. Starting with “Where do you go when you sleep?,” his new offering sounds like a waking dream. Combining sharp nocturnal arrangements and Butler‘s smooth, airy vocals, “Tacenda” also marks a new way of composing for the Aussie artist. In his own words:

This is the first song I finished for a new ep I’ve been writing called ‘Wild Onsen Echoes’. It’s always taken me a long time to finish songs, just dwelling on them even if things aren’t flowing or working out and I think that ends up being a pretty toxic way to create. You get tired of it before you finish and then it’s lost. Lately I’ve been writing a lot of new ideas and if it doesn’t come all that naturally I’m just leaving it to the side. It seems to turn out more organic that way.

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