LÂLKA teams up with Death Club 7 for hyper-pop quirk “Cursed Crown 2.0”

LÂLKA and Death Club 7‘s collaborative track “Cursed Crown 2.0” is out now.

Asian-Australian multidisciplinary artist LÂLKA releases today the live favourite cut “Cursed Crown 2.0”. Bringing her bubblegum pop into uncanny territories, the single also features experimental artist and Aussie fella Patrick King better known as Death Club 7. If you like PC Music crew, Sophie, LIZ and all these artists who are able to both deliver phosphorescent hooks and challenge pop music, then this one is definitely made for you. Be proud of being a weirdo or a B.I.T.C.H.: LÂLKA wrote an anthem just for you guys. Watch her accompanying self-directed below.

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