Laney Lynx is unstoppable on bittersweet pop banger “Easy”

Brooklyn-based pop artist Laney Lynx premieres today the title track of her upcoming “Easy” EP which was produced by her college friend and Berklee alumni Drew Ofthe Drew.

Rhode Island native and Berklee College of Music graduate Laney Lynx has moved to Brooklyn in order to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a popstar. The artist who has notably gained some attention thanks to her MTV-supported single “Love Sick” is back today with a sparkling pop tune which should undoubtedly enable her to renew this momentum.

Upon the first days of spring, the cheerful soundscapes of “Easy” are more than welcome. Depicting the happy memories of a past relationship, her feel-good and nostalgic vocals carry us away until an irresistibly heady chorus. Then, driven by an unstoppable bassline and jaunty hooks, Laney Lynx‘s synth-pop finishes to capture us. We don’t know anything about your romantic memories but in any case, we can race into the summer with a proper soundtrack.

About the track, Laney Lynx stated:

‘Easy’ is about coping with the flood of happy memories shared with an ex-love and how difficult it is to forget those lighthearted, carefree times post-breakup.

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  1. Ieva

    April 10, 2018 at 3:05 pm

    Love this so much!

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