Laura Jean plunges back in her teen years in “Girls On The TV” video

“Girls On The TV” is the second single taken from Laura Jean‘s upcoming album “Devotion” due out on June 6 via Chapter Music.

Following up on Lordeapproved lead single “Touchstone,” Laura Jean has unveiled a brand new track from her upcoming album. On “Girls On The TV,” the Melbourne-based artist plunges back in her ‘eccentric, romantically-unfulfilled’ teenage years as well as mother’s single parenthood. An immersion in the bedroom of a teenager during MTV golden age. The artist, who has notably collaborated with Jenny Hval in the past, has embraced a poppier sound for this upcoming fourth record.

About the synth-pop track and the Warwick Baker-directed video that comes with it, Laura Jean detailed:

“I see myself as the narrator, an ordinary woman wearing a shiny pink dreamcoat that signifies it’s my turn to tell a story. It doesn’t matter that my story is ordinary, what matters is that I tell my story with hard earned skill and loving sincerity. I want to show that the everyday story of a girl is important, and that seemingly inconsequential events in a girl’s life can have a huge effect on her.

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