Laveda unleash energizing dream pop rocket “Dream. Sleep.”

Laveda‘s self-released new song “Dream. Sleep.” is out now.

Founded by Ali Genevich and Jake Brooks, Albany’s duo Laveda sounds like your typical 90s dream pop band but high on ecstasy. Simultaneously lo-fi and euphoric, their latest track “Dream. Sleep.” is a melodic rocket directly propelled to a glittering cosmos. Uplifting at first, the massive song actually depicts a bittersweet tableau as it deals with the feeling of being trapped and not fitting in. In their own words:

The lyrics are describing the thoughts of someone who has a dream about being able to make a choice to leave our world and go to some alternate reality. The second pre-chorus is where this character sort-of starts to wake up and realizes its not a dream, it’s real and they are in fact somewhere else. Its about being trapped somewhere you feel like you don’t belong. I wanted to evoke feelings of intense excitement that later (in the end of the second pre-chorus) change to regret and doubt.

The good news is that Laveda are about to release a full album, and this is not an alternate reality. In the meantime, dream, sleep and, of course, repeat.

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