Letting Up Despite Great Faults returns with pulsating new track “Keepsake”

Letting Up Despite Great Faults‘ self-released new track, “Keepsake”, is out now.

A member of the indie-pop trio Fanclub, Austin-based Mike Lee returns today with his solo venture Letting Up Despite Great Faults. “[It] was always wrapped in heartache and a certain kind of anxious nostalgia. But now I finally feel comfortable in my skin, more mature and rid of the uncertainty in who I’ve become and who I will strive to be,” the Los Angeles native stated about his comeback.

On his epic new offering, “Keepsake,” the artist put the guitars in the closet, as if he really wanted to renew his songwriting process and forget everything about what he is too familiar with. Out of his comfort zone, he opts instead for pulsating synths and a frantic drum machine and invites Austin’s artist Socha for guest vocals. The dreamy yet uplifting track reflects on this regained confidence, and opens a thrilling new chapter for the artist who concludes: “All my life I have been fighting against it, but now I am here to embrace it, fully.”

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