LeyeT invites us to be more careful on new pop song “Most People”

LeyeT won’t change the world but she will make us feel better.

Los Angeles-based artist LeyeT is back with a brand new sigle titled “Most People,” a track that celebrates friendship, attention and mutual aid. In a world that is facing anxiety more and more, her light-hearted pop song is more than welcome. As always, the track is based on a simple and warmful guitar riff and an infectious chorus. About “Most People,” LeyeT explained:

This one made me cry the day I wrote it. I brought the idea of “most people won’t get it” into a session with two of my close friends Zack Burke and Dylan Emmet. They loved it; the song felt like it wrote itself in a matter of hours and on the car ride leaving the session listening to the demo, I got so emotional! It was what I needed to hear myself during a time when I was feeling super overwhelmed. At the heart of what I want to provide for others through my artistry is clarity – my hope is that this song helps to bring that about and to help re-affirm sense of self.

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