Lightning Bug turn indecision into an epic shoegaze track: “Vision Scraps”

Lightning Bug‘s new album, October Song, is out September 6 on Marbled Arm Records.

Following up on the ethereal and dreamy “October Song, pt. ii”, Lightning Bug have shared the second single from their upcoming new album. On “Vision Scraps”, the band fronted by New York’s Audrey Kang handle noise and distortion, depicting a shoegaze haze that instantly recalls My Bloody Valentine. The rapturous track was inspired by “a period of intense and frustrating indecision”.

About the song, Kang explained to Balloon Machine where it was premiered:

This song includes a quote from my mom: “Too much freedom’s a cage – privilege.” I wrote it a while ago – I think I was around 20 – while I was trying to figure out what kind of life I wanted for myself. Now I know that life is a feast of surprises and trying to map it out is like rolling the boulder up the hill.

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