Listen to Takykardia’s genre-breaking self-titled debut EP

Copenhagen’s trip-soul quartet Takykardia have finally shared their self-titled debut EP and it’s a beautiful surprise.

Copenhagen-based quartet Takykardia is comprised of Luna Matz, David Nedergaard, Thomas Cortes, and Troels Dankert. Each member has a strong but different musical background and this is probably where lies all the beauty and magic of their 5-track debut EP. In between trip-soul, trip-hop, and jazz music, Takykardia break the labels and share a project that amazingly continues what they’ve started this summer with their debut single “Immortalized”.

Two of the tracks from Takykardia‘s EP are featured on the Original Soundtrack of the Danish/Dutch/Swedish movie “HOLIDAY” that was selected for 2018’s SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL. Nevertheless, our favourite song from the EP might be the closing track “Arrhythmia”. Its rhythmic changes perfectly reflect the wide range of influences from the band and also nod to their name which means “an abnormally rapid heart rate”. If it’s a disease, it’s a beautiful one and we hope for them it gets viral.

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