Little Dragon announce new EP “Lover Chanting” on Ninja Tune

Little Dragon‘s new “Lover Chanting” EP is out November 9.

Since the release of their debut album in 2007, Little Dragon have consistently transformed their sound by experimenting with soul and funk grooves, Scandinavian synth-pop and icy dance music. For their next project, a 4-track EP named “Lover Chanting” with ‘an airy and fun lightness to it’, the Gothenberg quartet has signed to Ninja Tune. You can already play the title track “Lover Chanting” and read its accompanying statement below:

It started with Fred searching for a wedding march inspired by a Swedish prog funk folk keyboardist called Merit Hemmingson. Erik got inspired by the track and started singing! After Erik wrote his vocal verses Yukimi got a bit worried about his lyrical abilities and stepped in to add her part on the song. Håkan flew to Germany to record a beautifully tuned clavinet. Once the clavinet was recorded Fred and Erik added their flavour with some drums and deep synth bass.

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