LIYV’s “I Still Dance On My Own” is as exciting as the first snowfall

Portland-based void pop artist LIYV premieres today the video of her experimental-pop single “I Still Dance On My Own”.

At age 21, LIYV is one of the most interesting and creative artists on the pop scene at the moment. Last year, she released her debut EP “It Me” which was very well received by the blogosphere and she definitely wants to keep up the momentum in 2018 by releasing a new song every month. We’re happy to premiere today her first offering of 2018.

LIYV‘s “I Still Dance On My Own” is an experimental-pop track tailored for winter. It’s a light-hearted and futuristic baroque song with pastel and cold soundscapes and an infectious melody. We don’t know if her two cats Orpheus and Rex actively participated in the creative process and if the song is actually dedicated to them but we’re sure that LIYV sometimes dances alone with them. It sounds exciting like the first snowfall and it has a dual reading: is it a celebration of loneliness or a song about being alone after love? “I Still Dance On My Own” comes with a graphic and playful video which was directed by Olivia Holman and Joel Marchand. Watch it below.

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  1. Lillian Frances

    April 8, 2018 at 8:23 pm

    Mm, I love the soundscapes she creates. Both calming and exciting simultaneously. Thanks for the write-up, Arnaud.

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