Future-pop artist LIZ shares emo-ravey single “BTR 2GTHR”

LIZ‘s new single, “BTR 2GTHR”, is out now on Moving Castle.

Following up on her Slayyyter-assisted single “Diamond In The Sky”, future pop artist LIZ is back with a brand new track, “BTR 2GTHR”, which channels the 90s euro-pop of artists such as Gigi D’Agostino and Alice Deejay. A pulsative yet melancholic bop about breaking up, the track was co-written by Kim Petras. About this collaboration, LIZ explained:

Kim and I were listening to a lot of euro pop together one night including a bunch of German DJ’s she grew up on. We got pumped to write, so we set up a session which basically become a two-day tequila dance party at the studio. The beginning of Scooter’s ‘Nessaja’ was the main inspiration for the vibe of the track, and then we added in a more modern urban section to break the beat up the beat. I’m very proud of our emo-ravey love child, ‘BTR 2GTHR.’

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