Lizzo wants to catch ’em all on sex positive-anthem “Boys”

“Boys” is the fourth single taken from Lizzo’s upcoming new project.

Minneapolis rapper and singer Lizzo has shared an amazing funky track, “Boys”, and an accompanying video where she doesn’t discriminate any guys: she wants to catch’em all, from playboys to gay boys. About her playful sex positive-anthem, the artist detailed:

From this black girl to the world, I want you to identify with my story no matter what you like in yo’ holes. I want people to feel free, I want people to have fun, I want these boys to know that you could be my next victim… if you play your cards right.

Before adding:

I was just spitting hella game in this song. I think women are different now, we want to talk our shit too! And for a woman to sing a song that Rick James would sing in 2018 is necessary.

In the black and white visuals, which were directed and shot by Quinn Wilson and Andy Madeleine, Lizzo dances in front of the famous wall where Prince commemorated in 1977. Watch them below.

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