London’s indie trio Dama Scout share self-directed video for ‘Suzie Wong’

London-based indie trio Dama Scout just unveiled a self-directed video for ‘Suzie Wong’, the first single taken from their upcoming debut EP.

Dama Scout formed in late 2016 in Glasgow when Eva Liu (vocals, guitar) was joined by childhood friends Luciano Rossi (bass, keys) and Danny Grant (drums). After a series of promising singles, the trio recently shared the first single taken from their upcoming EP. There is now a self-directed video for the track, ‘Suzie Wong’. Watch it below!

About those visuals, Dama Scout detailed:

Our love of film and performance is a key part of the song. We wanted the video to parallel themes of drama, acting, being somebody else (both on and off stage). We thought it’d be a great idea to run with this literally and build an actual stage & minimal set with puppets of ourselves performing the song. The simplicity of white, in the set and later on ourselves is a classic canvas synonymous with performance – specifically mime artists. We also had no money or budget and lots of cardboard lying around so we got some cheap white paint and made a video…

‘Suzie Wong’ will be featured on Dama Scout‘s upcoming self-titled debut EP which is will be released on November 10 via Hand In Hive.

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