Lonelyspeck shares empowering and alien new track “Drown”

“Drown” is taken from Lonelyspeck‘s third EP to be released soon on Good Manners Records.

Adelaide-based singer-songwriter, producer and visual artist Sione Teumohenga, better known as Lonelyspeck, has just released a brand new track, “Drown”. Upbeat and cosmic, the track draws from indie electronic and hyper-pop textures, combining corrosive yet ethereal soundscapes with floating helium vocals. About their empowering new track, Lonelyspeck explained:

The refrains in Drown are mantras for trusting myself when I feel held back or discouraged from being my full self. As I’ve become more in touch with myself over the years, there have been times where I’ve felt people in my life didn’t want me to gain confidence because it didn’t fit their expectations of me. At those times I want to remind myself to trust that I know me best. But more than that I think this song is addressing my own persistent fears about owning myself and living my truth. The image of being encased in a decaying skin until I pierce it and free myself is particularly relevant to that.

There’s also a trippy self-directed video which assuredly emphasizes the alien vibes of the track. Watch below.

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