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Love Ssega, that you might probably know via the dance collective Clean Bandit and who just released his new track “Hypnotise“, offered us an exclusive playlist of his favorite tracks and this is full of gems! Discover what he picked up below!

1) Cassius – Action

They’re back. I would love to work with Philippe Zdar. Mike D’s vocals are on point too. Read our article about the track here.

2) Chaka Demus and Pliers – Tease Me

Feel good music. This reminds me of the vibrant West Indian community in London.

3) Friendly Fires – Paris

So… the drummer in my live band is Friendly FiresJack Savidge. He can play any beat, and I mean any beat, so super excited some very high energy live shows.

4) Metronomy – Love Letters

Another sneaky revelation… I’ve been fortunate to have a bit of help from Olugbenga Adelekan from Metronomy on my record – the bassline wizard. I’ll leave you to imagine the results of that, but for now, enjoy him killing it in their Michael Gondry-produced video.

5) Franco – Mario

If you have family from East Africa, who love music, then their parents will own multiple Franco records.

6) The Very Best – Kamphopo

Percussive beats and melodies. Music can bring positivity out in people across the world.

7) Solange – Losing you

Dev Hynes is amazing, Solange is amazing and this tune was so fresh when it came out. Even now.

8) Bibi Bourelly – Sally

She can sing, she can write and has come with her own sound, in an age where everyone copies a trend.

9) M.I.A. – Galang

M.I.A. is another London superstar. She was on a label (XL Recordings) with Dizee Rascal and Radiohead to the time, and still managed to stand out. Did her thing.

10) Mr Fingers – Mystery of Love

Kanye’s “The Life of Pablo” is incredible. Anyone who’s heard it, should recognise this nod to Chicago great and dance pioneer Mr Larry Heard on “Fade”.

You can hear to the full playlist he made on our Spotify page or below. We also added 2 tracks from his “Minds EP” and the FORMATION’s remix of “Pray For Love”.

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