LOVELESS channel the smoothness of 2000’s R&B on “Straight 2 The Club”

Norwegian duo m>LOVELESS are back with a new single, “Straight 2 The Club”, that sounds likeclassic version of your classical 2000’s R&B love duet.

LOVELESS is the Trondheim’s duo comprised of Eirik Tillerli and Filip Kollsete. They draw influences from UK Garage, R&B while having this unique Scandinavian touch, resulting in something both familiar and original.

About this new single “Straight 2 The Club”, LOVELESS detailed:

We and our UK friends, J. Warner and Taet, wrote ‘Straight 2 The Club’ on a winter’s night in our studio in Oslo, Norway. We were actually on our way to the club when inspiration struck and we simply had to record it. It’s a classical love duet with a 2018 kind of vibe, a modern day Alicia Keys and Usher if you like.

This new single is the fourth offering of 2017 from the duo and follows up on their AWA-assisted single “Bad4u”. Re-discover it below.

“Straight 2 The Club” is also available on all platforms including Spotify.

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