LOVER announces debut EP with bittersweet and groovy single “Starving”

LOVER‘s debut EP will be released later this year on Mammal Sounds Records.

Australian up and coming artist Oliver Kirby, better known as LOVER, has just announced the release of his debut EP with a groovy and cosy track titled “Starving”. Co-produced by long-time collaborator Tanssi and Gold Coast trio daste, the song reproduces the intimacy of a velvet club with its lounge R&B vibes. Although the arrangements sound comforting, the lyrics of the track are not as soothing as they enlighten the struggles of being a new artist trying to make a living from his music. In his own words:

Lyrically I was thinking about music and the struggle in pursuing, not being able to afford groceries – the classic starving artist cliché. The lyric “I’m starving in front of friends, but they eat anyway” is meant to be a personal aphorism; that even if I’m doing all this artist stuff, my friends and family deep down don’t really care – so don’t take it too seriously and just have fun with it. I get so stressed and anxious about stuff that in the end no one really cares about, and won’t matter.

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