LOYAL LOBOS relates her experience with toxic attractions in “Dirt”

Bogotá native Andrea Silva, now known as Loyal Lobos, shares a new gorgeous folk single “Dirt”.

Loyal Lobos is a sort of poet: she draws inspiration from a heartbreak but likes to write that hearts actually never break. Instead, they change directions. This is probably the reason why Andrea Silva decided to change her moniker some months ago, to welcome her new heart’s direction. In a recent interview, she was detailing her inspirations and this skill of turning bad experiences, such as sexism towards women for instance, into beautiful and inspired folk songs. The latest one, “Dirt”, follows the same line. At first, you would not think that this sweet and dreamy ballad is about an apocalyptic hookup.

About this new single, Loyal Lobos detailed:

Dirt is a song about toxic attractions. Chemicals fooling you and your instincts and for the moment it seems real and special but then it isn’t but you can’t help but surrender sometimes.

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