Mysterious act Lully debuts with alien electro-pop offering “Slow D’s”

Lully‘s debut track “Slow D’s” is out today on London label Aesop.

It’s not new that some artists like to remain hidden in the shadows. Mysterious newcomer Lully is one of them. Debuting with futuristic, alien electro-pop cut “Slow D’s”, the producer pitched their vocals so hard that it’s not even possible to guess their gender. And actually, who cares? Brimming with a mix of desire and urgency, the track is what we call a captivating introduction. And to play a bit more with the mystery, the artist has also shared an accompanying poem which seems to draw inspiration from the French monarchy (Jean-Baptiste Lully was a French baroque composer writing for Louis IV). Listen and read below.

Lully, née Lulli,

Once sung for great Louis

The Sun King who outlived his sons

Lully, née Lulli,

A glut for sodomy

Fell out with the curly patron

To gain back his favour

He gave him a flavour

Of royal liturgical fun

Upon the ‘te deum’

The retinaculum

Was struck with the maestro’s baton

The song was so young

Sung only verse one

When Versailles uncomfterbly dumb’d

The gangrene untreated

Spread north through his meated

And life thereby quickly undone

Lully, dont fuss

Climb down parnassus

Come, visit this century, come

It’s anthroposceney

And Kanye Regimey

I’m sure you could light it up some

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