MagnusTheMagnus enrolls Seinabo Sey for urban dance track ‘Keep On Lovin”

Stockholm-based producer MagnusTheMagnus recently released his third single ‘Keep On Lovin” with longtime collaborator star Seinabo Sey. Watch the video, which was directed by Unreality Journeys, below.

Following up to ‘Realligator’ and ‘Area’, Swedish producer MagnusTheMagnus is back with a new urban-dance track. ‘Keep On Lovin’, which features Seinabo Sey‘s chopped vocals. It’s a bass-y and pleasant track and it comes with an Unreality Journeys-directed 360/VR video.

About this clip, Unreality Journeys explained:

This video deals with some of the emotions one can go through during a breakup. We may get mad or get sad, both with ourselves and with our ex when it happens, and sometimes it is hard to move on. At the end of the day we need to love ourselves before we can let others back into our life intimately. Having recently gone through a situation like this this video hits close to home and it was a bit difficult to make, but it helped me get through my situation in a weird way. I hope you all enjoy.

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BONUS: Watch the original lyric video for the track.

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