Maliibu Miitch shares her experience and her street credibility on “The Count”

North Carolina-born, The Bronx-bred rapper Maliibu Miitch has delivered solid tunes this year and her latest one, “The Count”, should enable her to end 2017 with a bang.

At age 26, Maliibu Miitch is finally ready to shine. The artist has already signed twice to major label deals when she was younger but it looks like her career is finally taking off. When she delivers bars, her flow immediately reminds us of Lil’ Kim and she totally owns the 1990s and early 2000s hip-hop sound if we believe what she said to her interview with XXL Mag.

On her Paul Couture-produced single “The Count”, Maliibu Miitch brings the bass and the street credibility. She has gone through enough experiences in her life to be sincere in this role and the accompanying visuals are the proof that she’s more than ready to take her crown.

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