MATTOKÌND’s ‘Scenescape’ is a majestuous and flamboyant debut

Today, we take a small liberty to propose you the immersive and inspired instrumental debut ‘Scenescape’ by Berlin’s duo MATTOKIND.

MATTOKIND is a recent project that consists of classical musician Jae and producer Cristiano (‘matto’ means ‘crazy’ in Italian and ‘kind’ is the German word for ‘kid’). They accidently met in a Berlin’s club and started to talk about music before eventually creating something together. Jae is a classical violonist, Cristiano is a producer and their collaboration is the proof that culture mixing is a source of richness. Indeed, their fusion of genres, in between neo-classical music, IDM and electronica, appears as particularly inspired, offering a cinematic music that goes further and deeper than simple sounds.

About this project, the duo MATTOKIND explained:

Both of us wanted to start a new life in Berlin after doing the same kind of job for many years. Jae as a freelance classical violinist and Cristiano as a producer who could never find the time to make his own music. We found what we were looking for in each other – love and also a vocation

Cristiano added:

The first time we really started experimenting together was when we found ourselves in between homes, feeling a little lost and temporarily staying at a friend’s house, who happened to have a beautiful Steinway concert grand in the living room. One evening Jae sat on the piano and started bashing out some sad sounding chords and Cristiano started sampling it on his laptop – that was the beginning of our collaboration… Subsequently we holed ourselves up in our studio that winter and finished the production of the EP.

The fruit of this collaboration is an EP to come in September and you can already listen to the debut and title track ‘Scenescape’ below. Connect with MATTOKIND via Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.SoundCloud.

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