Max Justus releases self-titled new album, shares alien-jazz-R&B song ‘Do’

Hailing from Los Angeles, experimental producer-singer-songwriter Max Justus is back today with a self-titled new album. This is because his experimentations are too hard to pin down that you should go further and dive into his singular universe.

Max Justus, who has been discretely releasing music for 15 years, likes to offer soundscapes that sound both familiar and alien. While Justus‘ vocals are not always perfect, his singing approach is confidently based on jazz, gospel, and R&B techniques. Nevertheless, it’s mainly with his instrumentations that he pushes the boundaries and it is clearly through that process that he awakened our interest.

It is because Max Justus‘ music doesn’t sound like any others that the artist deserves to be in the spotlight

Max Justus new self-titled album is out today via Tons of People. You can notably stream it via Spotify and Soundcloud. The 9-track album is the result of 6 years of working (and reworking). Indeed, the songs went through several cycles of reflection and metamorphoses before assuming their final shape.

Connect with Max Justus by visiting his official website and via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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