Meet XENOULA with her debut LA Priest-produced single ‘Chief Of Tin’

Today, XENOULA debuts her career with LA Priest-produced single ‘Chief Of Tin’, a track that is set to reflect her vision of the world as a creature hailing from a comet.

When we saw that Sam Dust aka LA Priest was the producer of XENOULA‘s debut track ‘Chief Of Tin’, we were undoubtfuly expecting something different. Nevertheless, we could not imagine such a storytelling about this new artist.

XENOULA is a female, silver-skinned, humanoid octuplet who left her comet and was sent to Earth 9,000 years ago. Camped in New Guinea, she didn’t really express herself for thousands of years but our entry into the industrial age and the fast evolution of our planet since then woke her up in 2012. Like a lot of species, XENOULA seems to be damaged by Human activity and pollution: the once pearl-white liquid surrounding her began to turn into a muddy oil. Since then, she is writing songs about her vision of the world and its evolution. It is a bit sad to see that we need a creature from space to raise awareness about our shameful behaviour towards our own environment.

Xenoula‘s ‘Chief of Tin’ is an experimental and technoid song that definitely sounds like an extraterrestrial creation. It goes with a beautiful and strange video that you can watch below.

If like us, you are curious about XENOULA, you can connect with her by visiting her website and via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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