Meseta shares dreamlike and hopeful new song “Come And See”

Meseta‘s new track “Come And See” is out on Dark Falz.

Meseta is the moniker of Jesus Guerrero, a 26-year-old Cuban American born and raised in Miami. Following up on his 2018’s debut EP Drifting, the DIY singer, guitarist and producer is unveiling today his new single, “Come And See”. There’s something very special about this Radio Dept-esque track, from its video games-like intro to its dreamlike lo-fi arrangements. The luminous vocals are also a strong asset as they sound both comforting and strangely illusory. About the meaning of this eerie new track, Meseta explained by e-mail:

I wrote “Come and See” off a scene in an old Russian war film of the same name. It’s a really sad film about a village in Belarus in the early 40’s. Some horrible things take place, but there’s a really melancholic scene near the middle, and you kind of forget what’s going on outside of it. It had this really calming effect, and coexisted with this horrible reality they were dealing with. It really stuck with me, and helped me deal with a few rough events in my own life. I wrote this with the hope of capturing that feeling I got.

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