Miel De Montagne invites us to be naked on psyche-pop debut “Pourquoi Pas”

Frenchies do it better! Listen to Miel de Montagne‘s debut track “Pourquoi Pas”.

Here’s the debut psyche-pop track of Miel de Montagne, “Pourquoi Pas”, which is a real invitation to naturism. While listening to the track, it’s clear that the idea of being naked on a beach crosses our mind indeed. If you don’t have a Hawaiian t-shirt yet, maybe it’s not useful to buy one. The track, which is brought to your ears by Pain Surprises and Délicieuse Records, is the continuation of this thrilling wave of new releases coming from France. If you like Myd or Agar Agar, you should definitely dig this one. Be ready cause this French Touch revival seems to only begin.

Miel De Montagne is on Facebook and Instagram.

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