Minais B shares emotional synth-heavy lament “Where We Meet”

“Where We Meet” is taken from Quiet Bloom, the second album by Copenhagen composer Minais B, out April 24 on Anyines.

Three years after Deep Care, Copenhagen composer and producer Minais B is going to return on Anyines with Quiet Bloom, an 8-track project acting as an answer to the loss a loved one. Exploring the solemnness of spiritual music, rituals and ceremonial togetherness through synths and organs, the record navigates the different steps of grieving, in between sadness and hope. It is introduced by the arresting opening track, “Where We Meet,” where the ecstatic arpeggios and abrupt synths recall Arca as well as Alessandro Cortini. It also comes with a choreographed video courtesy of Paolo Gile and Amalie Bergstein. Watch below.

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