My Pleasure prefers burgers over gourmet dinners in “Drive Thru”

“Drive Thru” is taken from My Pleasure‘s THREE SINGLES AND A BONUS TRACK EP, due out in May on The Adult Teeth Recording Company.

Hull’s solo musician My Pleasure is readying the release of his new EP, the follow up on his 2018’s sophomore album Mostly Happy. The British artist who turns life situations into bittersweet indie pop songs did not lose an ounce of his humour as proven on his brand new single “Drive Thru”. The song actually dares to say out loud what people are thinking quietly: gourmet dinners are fine and trendy but they don’t quench your appetite. Loaded with lifelike details, introspection and irony, “Drive Thru” is an original love song where the artist doesn’t want to lie to please anymore and where the needs of the stomach overrides the feelings of the heart. Realness.

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