NATULA depicts love in a suffocating world on avant-pop warmer “South”

NATULA‘s debut EP “The Back of Beyond” is out now.

Caymanian and Lebanese singer-songwriter Natasha Kozaily, better known as NATULA, releases today her debut EP “The Back of Beyond”, a collection of songs about love which was produced by Holychild‘s Louie Diller. Among these six tracks, the opener “South” caught our attention with its Kate Bush-esque extravagant harmonies and avant-pop architecture. It’s actually no coincidence as the artist is also the lead singer of an 8 piece, all female Kate Bush tribute band. Her song “South” is a sharp, polished up chamber pop track about love in a suffocating world, with somehow a sensual double reading, and that ends up on an orgasmic touch. Tune in below and listen to the full EP on Spotify.

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