Nelson Beer learns to love himself with genre-bending single “Modern Love”

Nelson Beer‘s self-released new single, “Modern Love,” is out now.

A few months ago, a DJ friend of mine sent me the link of Nelson Beer‘s track “I am A Woman.” Combining lo-fi lascivious dance arrangements with androgynous vocals and gender-defying lyrics, it was a stunning introduction to the universe of this Swiss artist, who crafts music with a sort of scientific approach (check his weekly project on his website). Recently, I saw that Nelson was on the line up of Paris’ Pitchfork Music Festival this year, and that he also released a brand new track, “Modern Love”. An experimental and hybrid take on hip-hop and trap, his new offering is all about self-acceptance and self-love. In his own words:

The relationship I have with myself and others shape-shifts and liquifies constantly. This song is about learning how to love thou self, and accepting the contradictions it involves. I am so happy to introduce you to Modern Love.

Listen to “Modern Love” and revisit “I Am a Woman” below.

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