NEW VIDEO: Liima – Amerika

We discovered the Danish electro-pop band Liima some weeks ago and we are getting more and more curious to hear their debut LP “ii” which will be released on March 18th via 4AD. Their track “Amerika” which is, by the way, ranked N°10 in the HighClouds30 this week (+3), has now a Olivier Groulx-directed video.

The video is full of realistic images of suburban and common episodes of life, from selfies to dogs, and the rendition sounds at times sarcastic or embarrassing. It fits perfectly the dystopian side of the track.

On NPR, where the video premiered, the director of the video wrote:”Rasmus [Stolberg] and I kept going back to this idea that everybody’s anxious and that whatever we’re doing to distract ourselves from these anxieties is no longer working,” […] “That feeling of not being able to outrun it is what got us started. We knew early on that shooting it on iPhone was only way to go, it gave us great opportunities to experiment and play with what is probably the most ubiquitous camera.”

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