Newcomer: Dyasono

Every Monday, we present a new artist that, in our opinion, deserves your attention. This week, we introduce you to Los Angeles-based singer and multi-instrumentalist Dyasono. The artist, who was born in Indonesia, and then relocated to Malaysia before moving to the US, recently shared her debut single “Hello, You”; a downtempo electro-pop track that is a positive reminder to always stay optimistic about the future.

Dyasono started playing the piano at 8 years old and gradually picked up other instruments like drums, bass, and guitar. Surprisingly, singing came late but she finally decided that her voice would be the instrument she would focus on. She started songwriting at 15 and she credits her education at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood as the experience that helped her overcome her shyness with her writing. Dyasono is not a real newcomer as she has been involved in other bands in the past: nevertheless, this is her first solo effort and her most personal project to date.

The artist explains that her multicultural background certainly influences her electro-pop sound. However, in this first release, these touches stay discrete and subtle. She plans to incorporate more traditional Indonesian instruments in her future projects.

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As Dyasono explained to us:

I wrote this song at a point in my life where I was faced with a lot of challenges all at once and it got pretty overwhelming. The song was a little reminder to myself to take it day by day, because no matter how bad things get there will always be tomorrow. There are lots of moments in life that make you feel like you’re small and hopeless and we just have to keep going no matter what. You get beat up and beat down, and there are points where you feel like you’re going to break, and that’s completely okay. It’s okay to feel sad because it’s a completely natural and normal feeling just like happiness is. This was a huge realization for me and acknowledging those emotions has helped me become a better person to myself. I can only hope that this song can help other people too.


“Hello, You” is the first single of Dyasono‘s upcoming solo debut EP “Sleepless”

The project, comprised of 3 or 4 tracks, is expected to be released later this year. If you want to stay tuned, follow her on Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter!