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Every Monday, we present a new artist that, in our opinion, deserves your attention. This week, we introduce you to the amazing Swedish artist Sarah Klang. Her folk music and, most of all, her singular voice will catch you from the first notes of “Sleep”, her convincing debut single!

Sarah was born in Gothenburg but she moved quite a lot when she was younger. She likes to mention that she spent a couple of years in the far north of Sweden as it had a huge impact on her. Indeed, if her voice can remind of Ellie Goulding or Ane Brun at some point, there is something more mysterious that probably comes from her closeness to wild nature.

On her debut folk track “Sleep”, Sarah Klang shows that her voice is a real jewel!

Sarah Klang has always liked to sing. Her dad offered her a guitar when she was 13 and since then, she started to write songs. She was also the only girl in a 6-member band when she was a teenager but as the artist explains it, she “wants the music to be like in her head”. This need of creative and artistic independence drove her to start her solo career. This path is definitely inspired by American music from the US: Sarah Klang loves the 80s, cowboys and Dolly Parton! A style that also inspired her for her clothes!

Sarah Klang Dolly Parton

“My inspirations come from all time, but a lot from love. And being sad, even if that sounds cheesy” Sarah Klang
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In her debut track “Sleep”, which was produced by Anna Hansen of Volcanic Fields, the artist sings about a personal story, where she was in love with someone she couldn’t have. The song, like her emotions, is bare: her voice is giving all the relief on a guitar instrumental. In a bit more than 4 minutes, Sarah proves that she has a gift and between emotional choruses, breaks brought by her high head voice and silences, the magic happens!

Sarah Klang - Sleep

Klang and Hansen are now back in the studio and a new single should be released before the end of the year. The two songs could be featured on an upcoming EP. The artist is also touring during the summer, with her keyboardist Jens Randrup.

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