Nicola Carrara compares love to a swing in refreshing pop lament “Vaivén”

Nicola Carrara‘s single “Vaivén” is the first track taken from his upcoming album due out later this later.

We don’t know much about Argentinian producer, singer-songwriter, and multi-intrumentalist Nicola Carrara but his recent single “Vaivén” was a very pleasant discovery. The tune in Spanish is a smartly crafted and refreshing synth-pop track loaded with gorgeous hooks and groovy basslines. Despite its catchiness, there’s also a certain nostalgia and melancholia here. Comparing Love to a swing, the artist sings about the feelings that come and go, in between hope and despair.

About his work and upcoming LP, he explained:

The songs talks about a break-up, a melancholy situatuation, but the melody gives it a bit of hope. I really enjoyed the idea of a pop lament

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