Norbert Lukács shares morose love song “Heartbreak Life”

Norbert Lukács‘s self-released new song “Heartbreak Life” is out now.

After different projects as a musician and producer for Llojd, Hanna Järver and Palmegruppen, Swedish artist Norbert Lukács is now going solo. Following up on his debut airplane/sunset/rivers EP released in September, he has just shared a brand new track, “Heartbreak Life,” which is loaded with melancholia as its title suggests it. Deceptively peaceful, the lo-fi song deals with relationship storms and making difficult decisions to move on when love is not enough anymore. In his own words:

It’s about driving way too far, way too late to meet a girl, starting a war instead of breaking up and the fact that the sun always rises no matter how shitty your previous day was.

“Heartbreak Life” comes with a DIY video made of fragments of memories like if remembering this summer of 2000 was the only thing left to hope.

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