O-SHiN is back with self-reflective and intricate “Not How I Know Me”

O-SHiN‘s new single “Not How I Know Me” is out now via [vcrs].

Following up on her 2018’s debut EP I / ∞, I Berlin-based artist O-SHiN returns with her new single and first release of 2019, “Not How I Know Me”. Blending once again electronic motifs and organic textures, this lush and self-reflective offering seems to reconnect with her very first songs, like the meditative “A Revelation” and “A Lie”. Soulful and intricate, “Not How I Know Me” is full of fascinating contrasts. Indeed, it sounds simultaneously familiar and exotic, comforting and elusive, and it definitely has a strong and wild Nordic touch, which is no surprise as the singer-songwriter found her artistic identity in an isolated cabin in Sweden. We’re happy to hear that O-SHiN is back with her mysterious and idiosyncratic soundscapes. Just like a secret natural site, it would be a pity to denature this.

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